Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Aug 16th

This is my first blog.   In the future you will see random thoughts coming from this.  Poetry, stories, philosophy and some plain old shit talk..  Get ready.. 

I just did a quick workout this morning.  It is so hot in Louisiana right now, by the way Michelle and I drove into Louisiana last minute on Tuesday Morning because I got a call Monday evening saying I was the only one called back for the lead in a film that shoots here in Louisiana.  I am not in the top 3 now,  go figure.
It is great being back in my home state.  Michelle and I, and of coarse Roxy(our Maltese) are planing on moving here permanently as soon as we can get all of our ducks in a row.  The film industry in Louisiana is growing so much!  It is really exciting to be able to do what I do and love, which is the entertainment industry, and be so close to my family again.
I missed a lot of things.  I will also miss some great friends and weather from California!

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