Thursday, August 27, 2009

Painting is finished.  This one is sold, but I am working on two other some what about the same.  This one sold for $200.  

If you have any requests, or if you would like something like this let me know..  

I am working on two others that are completely different, but they are pre-sold.  However I will be doing some others that I will put up and they will be for sale, but I am more than happy for requests and I can show you a few sketches before I start on the painting... 
More to come...

Monday, August 24, 2009

LOUISIANA.. A photo of a painting I am finishing up..

This is a snap shot of a Painting I am finishing up.  It is also up for sale if your interested.. It will be framed and finished up soon.  Hope you enjoy it. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A fishing story.. I hooked a big one.

I just drove in from the Lake.  My Dad, my uncle and I went fishing.  It was just fantastic!  You never realize how many stars are in the sky until you get to see them on  a lake in the middle of the night away from all the hustle and bustle of city lights and annoying people.  It was jet black almost all around except for a few lights off in the distance scratching through the blackness.  Shooting stars were no longer a rare occurrence but as frequent as a horn honking on the 101 freeway, well...  Not that frequent, but you get the picture.  The lack of stress was so unknown to me.  I was almost completely lost.  I found myself however as I set the hook the hardest I have ever done before.   My adrenaline rushed and my pupils dilated..  The small tree I had burned seconds before around 4:20, had hit with a clear high.  I gave one more tug and then let off.  A few seconds later we had to pull the boat closer to where I set my hook.  That stump in the water never had a chance.  :)  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fighting with MMA fighters...

So, today I got a last minute audition for a new film being shot in Louisiana called "Lockdown".  They wanted a fighters that could act.  Well, I am an actor who can fight.  I also haven't thrown a kick in almost 4 years after the 2 months in the hospital which was about 4 or more years ago.  I think 5.  Anyway, I have to say for being one of the smallest guys in the ring I rocked that motha..  Feeling kind of proud that I can still move like I use to.  Now I am off to take a really hot hot hot bath, drink a bottle of wine and then ice my ass!  I am so freaking sore!!! My hip flexers and my back and hands hate me!   
Also my two little girls leave me tomorrow.  Michelle and Roxy are gong to back to Cali while I stay here and feel out some more work in the Louisiana film Industry.  It's sad that they don't give local talent as much respect out here.  If
 I would send in an audition tape from Los Angeles they would be more willing to give me the time of day than if I walked in to the audition here even though I have been working as an actor in Los Angeles for so long..  Crazy..
I will miss my girls.. :(  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As I sit and wait for the day to pass
I keep my head just above water so I do not drown.
On my face is a smile turned upside down.

I squeeze my eyes tight in hopes the day will leave
But to my surprise it lengthiness with ease.
It's pushed me further, so I fell to my knees.

My hopes, my dreams they are so far away
Star light star bright.
Where have you all gone this night?

Blackness touches my skin
It surrounds me with a deep embrace.
It holds me tight but does not catch the tear that falls from my face.

It's over now.
The black has turned to gray.
My eyes will soon open.  Tomorrow is another day.

Problem with Hollywood Clubs?

OK, lets be honest.  Hollywood clubs aren't what they use to be.  Years ago Hollywood clubs were some of the best places to go party, chill, and have a drink with your friends.  Now-a-days, Hollywood clubs are full of more Ed hardy, and Affliction wearing guys.  The girls dresses are so tight it creates what we like to call The Muffin Top.  C'mon ladies, you know that doesn't look so good.  When your drunk and falling over later that night, it really isn't cute when the muffin falls off and we get to see just top.  Guys, if you want to swallow paint and throw up on a shirt... Save it for the house.  Don't leave the house with it on.
Problem number 2 is Ego.  From the bouncers to the club promoters Ego's have become so large that J-Lo says, "wow what a big ass".  It is just as easy to not let someone in a club or ask them to leave while being nice.  I know you hate your job, I know you hate having to go to this damn club every night and deal with annoying drunks and people that think they are gods gift.  I am of-coarse not talking about the guys that are throwing money, or spraying champagne.  I think they should be taken out of the club a lot quicker.  If your a baller and you can throw money, then throw 10's or 20's.  We are not strippers, or homeless people.  Save your Dollars.  Bring the 1's to the guys sitting outside with no home.  They need the money.
If you want to talk about how big of a baller you are and you get a table.  That's cool, your stimulating the economy.  Thank you for that.   However, how come you are the same guy that asks for ever discount you can ever get.  Your the guy that offers the club your fake Rolex so that you can leave and come back to pay the rest of your bill.  Then you stiff the waitress, the person you have been telling all night, "Nah, I am a Hot Boy mah, I got dat money".  Trust me "Bro"  the girls working there have seen you and all of your twins in the club every night.  Your the reason "Hot boy" has changed it's meaning.  No waitress, or bottle service girl is going to give you her number.  Good job giving her yours, but at the end of the night when you stiff them is probably when she decides she isn't going to call you.  Or when she watches you make out wtih a drunk girl at your table, that could be when she decided not to call you.  Ps. The girls aren't drinking out of your bottle because your hot, it is because it's free and someone that works at the club said hey go to table number "blahblah" and drink their money so they will buy more.
Now, what is the problem with these clubs you ask.  Simple.  There are too many damn promoters, egos, and greed!!!  When you only have 5 to 6 promoters in a city and they know their crowd and where they want to be, it is much easier to have some great Hollywood clubs! Clubs that last, instead of fall of the face of the earth in less then a year so you have to paint the bathroom or something and name it after a french name for a vagina.  Now, when their is over 40 promotion teams all in Los Angeles because they think it's the new IT job and that it is so easy, then you have way too many options.   Everyone wants to go try out a different night.  To see "their friend" the guy they met 2 nights ago.  By the way ladies, if your hott, and you have a good amount of girls, you can go into any club you want.  You don't need "The hook up"  Lets put it this way.  Hollywood has a lot of amazing looking people, however when that hand full of people get spread to 5 clubs in one night instead of 2 then the clubs suffer and the crowds are mediocre at best.  Unfortunately it creates the problem of going to a club that feels like your flying somewhere on Southwest airlines.
You want to keep good people in your club? The ones that aren't causing you a hell of a lot of drama and are probably spending just as much in your club as the bottle service guys and actually tipping your staff?  One bottle service guy may pay $400 for a bottle of Vodka, but when he shares it between 10 people you aren't doing all that well anymore.   Lets get rid of the Ego's.  Treat people like human beings all the time.  Whether you can let them in or not, do it with respect.  No one will be hanging around when you have to act like an ass just to have a good time.  Another thing is if you own the club, that maybe named after a fruit, and you may resemble that fruit, then you should probably pay your promoters.  If the promoters ever get a little smarted and learn to work together then the owners of some of these clubs would actually pay you.  I know you think your making good money, but you should see how much you would make when your not getting a little skimmed off the top before you see how much money the club made that night. 
My last and final thought.  As a patron, don't waist all your time becoming famous in the club scene.  Possibly think about pursuing your own career and stop wasting your fathers money on alcohol and vicadine.  I get it, Paris became famous on vicadine and red bull, but I don't think she was aiming all that high anyway.  Her parents own The Hilton Hotels!  She is ok in her future.  I mean come on, being on reality shows do not make you someone to look up to, nor does it make you talented or exceptional.  I will admit, it does make you entertaining.. Dance monkey dance.. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Old poems... New ones to come.

THE LITTLE THINGS(Friday, February 06, 2009)

Your cute when you snore
Your beautiful when you sleep.

I love your pretty nose 
Down your stinky little feet.

I love the faces you make 
when you brush your teeth.

I love when you tell me you love me 
and how you do it all the time

I love that I don't question myself 
and that you will always be mine.

I love that you sleep like a princess
all through the night.

I don't mind waking you up at 3pm
even though its a fight!

I love your little pompom 
when you put your hair on your head

I love when you rub you own nose
When your trying to go to bed. 

SOME DAY SOON (Tuesday, February 03, 2009)
I love what I see and I love what I feel.
I know what is in my reach will always be real.

To hold my heart is no simple task
Yet you do it with no guarding mask.

Knowing your mind and the honesty you posses
It gives me strength and furthers my success.

I give to you all that I can
And in the future I hope that you will take my hand.

With respect and love you have made me fall,
Through that I proudly stand tall.

You love who I am and what I have become
and I love that you grew up right where I am from.

 (Monday, January 07, 2008)
To find what you were never looking for 
To feel what you have never felt before
To want what you have never wanted before
To care like you have never cared before
To hurt like you have never hurt before
To live like you have never lived before
To die like you have never died before
To belong like you have never belonged before
To conect like you have never conected before
To trust like you have never trusted before
To honor like you have never honored before

Twists and turns are the road that life has made. 

Don't be scared of what it is, just call a spade... a Spade.

Take each turn as another angle to veiw life. With this you will realize that the raod is not bad unless you are speeding through it and not enjoying every bit of it.

Life is full of feelings.  They are not good, nor are they bad.

They just are.  If we did not have these feelings we would not be living.

Pain is what makes happyness so Happy.

Defeat is what makes Triumph so worth it.

A stepping stone to life may be tragedy.  If you don't step on that stone you may not receive the gift on the otherside.  That gift may become mediocre and you will pass it by.

If you want to hear god laugh...   Tell him your plan.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.  It maybe bumpy, but its just a trip to the otherside enjoy the scenery.  What ever it maybe.

Your dreams as it seems is the life that you left
For the heart that fell apart wasn't yours just yet.
You saw what you thought was you in your dreams
When all along it was your past in a fucked up stream.

Fly in the sky to reach the star that you are
Don't jump from the stump where your feet sit safely.
You will fall from the wall and never get what you were after.
To close the distance with persistance is what you want.

Don't awake for god sakes its not time to get up.
See what you can be when your time is in your mind.
Your heart can hurt but what you feel isnt' real
Or is your dream what it seams and your lifes not the fight 

Reality at times can strip away all your play 
To hide what you reep and keep it very deep
Is the plan that the man never wanted to do.
In the corner where you Mortre give away your life.
You will not burn in return but you will treasure your pleasure.

To trust. Is to open your mind body and soul to someone.
To let someone else hold your life in their hands. The judgment you use
to decide who is worthy must be strong. Its Hollywood. Aren't they all right for the Job?

I open my mind and let you in.
You rearrange my brain until I see no end.
Confused and broken I know not what to do.
You have seperated my trust into two.

My soul is open for you to share
I wouldn't have given you a part if you didnt care.
Tainted and miss colored you leave it be.
So fucked up does it even count as me?

My body is now yours to do as you wish.
Its empty and detached
My trust you have missed.
You can not hurt what does not exist.

Open your eyes
See the Water
Don't go near, it can drown you

Open your eyes
See the fire
Don't touch, it can burn you

Open your eyes
See the tiger
Don't touch him
He can bit you

Open your eyes
See the tree
Don't climb it
You can fall

Open your eyes
See the girl
Don't love her
She will break your heart

Open your eyes
See the light
Walk to it
Your dead!

Live in Fear
Waist your life
Live without
Die in Peace

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Two Skies that hold the same sun
One is covered by rain and one Shines bright
Do I love the sky that is clear and holds no darkness
Do I love the sky that is clouded and drips the water that feeds the earth

Shining so bright that the earth is lit to see all
Dark and tangled so that you can see and look everywhere
So bright that you can't look directly at it
So dark that you can look anywhere but can not see

Neither are perfect and I love them both
Perfection holds no faults
Perfection becomes repetition 
Yet familiar and calming
Hate can not fix either sky 
Love can make your dark days bright
Together we can fix all things
As one sky can create a Rainbow


On the side of the road I sit
as rain falls and drips down my finger tips
Worlds waste is my space and my home
and my home is long gone.

The view from the street is as far from you
as the cancer that you can never get
your undestanding of me is the square inside the circle.
It will never fit.

I see you run and turn your face
I fear no one and except your grace
I take what I can get but will never have what I want

The hardness of the ground has never been so soft
Yet it is far from cozy looking down from your loft
I over power shame to stay in the game
I see the world from your feet
Where my home is your street.

Don't fear my world, it is what I create
the rainbow in my life is always my fate
my mind decides how my palace is shapped 
and from the worlds harshness I can now feel no hate.

Your brains may know grammer, science and math
where mine is my world, my heart, and it finds it's own path.

So fallow in the footsteps of greatness
but as you walk never forget to look down.
Don't step on me. My home is your ground.

People in need still have a life. We need to share what we can. Help someone this Holliday that you may not know. You may save a life with what you spend on gum.







9/11 PRAYERS(Monday, September 11, 2006 )
Twins were the friends that once stood alone.
When they fell from the sky
It hit us close to home
Through the terror of life they were torn to bones
When life became death it made a nation charish home

When your mind becomes selfish and your choices are all your own
Terror can bring you back to realize none of us are alone
Your family is your heart and your friends are your future

If your life becomes clouded and your heart is a dark grey
Your love is unfelt and we all become prey

Never forget 9/11 or our familys weve lost
Lead your life with love and remember the cost

Our debts are paid and our wars were faught
The lessons we have learned can never be taught

Forever our prayers go up to the sky
and our dreams of 9/11 will force us to cry
Our safety in life can not be your main worry
Ejoy every day and do not rush tomorrow in a hurry.

NOT MINE(Sunday, August 27, 2006)
The world is not mine. I know
When I open my eyes and see your sun.
It burns me..
When I touch your ocean and salt covers my wounds.
I cry..
When the world turns I go with it and my life flips upside down.
When your world is beautiful I am its Prisoner.
When love spreads across your globe and caresses the sky.
I am forced in a cave to hide and I don't know why.
When the trees change and leaves fall so do I
because you are my world
That which I cannot hide.

I return to my cave so that the world can live its life.

I have moved to LOUISIANA.. Let me explain....

I grew up in Louisiana and worked as an actor/model in Tx and Louisiana growing up.  I moved to Los Angeles very soon after Highschool to go further in my career.  I am still following that career just as much now as I was then.  
I have moved into writing and producing along with the acting now.  Just recently Louisiana became 3rd in the nation for film, just after New York.  After I looked into it and did my homework on Louisiana I was ready to move into the film market in my home state that was growing rapidly.  
I met Michelle almost 3 years ago in Los Angeles and she just happened to be from Louisiana also.  Then she became the love of my life.  She would stay with me where ever I go for my career and I love her for that.  I am really big on family and work.  When I realized I could do what my passion is and be near my family, I started to look into it.
 A few days ago I started putting auditions on tape for a film in Louisiana and then it went to call back, then I got the call that I was the only one they were calling back for the lead role.  Long story short, I packed up some clothes and Michelle and my little dog Roxy drove our asses to Louisiana.  We still have our apartment in Sherman Oaks, but if things go well we are planning on building a house here in Louisiana and moving so that this is our home.  I will be working more and be near my family!!

I hope that sheds a little light where we are, and where we're going!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

If I were you... (relationships) with a twist of comedy.

First off lets think about a relationship like a sports team.  If someone isn't pulling their weight, or if someone isn't showing up to practice, or if someone isn't any good at the fucking game, kick them off the team!!!
Don't get into a relationship to change the other person.  People are who they are.  If it's a small thing, ok, it may change.  However, if he/she is a cheater he/she will probably always be a cheater. He or she hits you..  IT IS NOT BECAUSE HE/SHE LOVES YOU!   YOU F*&K^%G RETARD! Trust me, if a guy isn't ready for a relationship you are not going to change him, nor will you have a great relationship.  If he is mean or acting like he isn't that interested in you after a while it is because he probably wants out of the relationship but does not want to be the one to break it up.  He wants to give you reason to make it not work.

Never rush a relationship!  It's like trying to play for the Majors with a T-ball player.  He or she is still hitting off a T and your throwing balls at his or her face.  Trust me if you throw a ball at a chicks face and she catches it really quick "in her mouth"  keep her for  another week, then get rid of her.  I can go on for ever about relationships, so if you have any questions please ask. 

A great relationship starts with trust, honesty, and being well spoken.  No one is a mind reader, so if you have a problem don't be afraid to bring it up.  Your both in the relationship for the same reason.  To make it work.  If your not, don't get in the damn relationship.  If you think it's fun for a little while go ride a mechanical bull instead.  Or go to Les Deux(hollywood club) and find a mate for the night, but don't get into a serious relationship if you don't see a chance of you marrying the other person.  Just date, and keep it light.

Ok, thats it in a nuttshell for now.  I am sure I didn't cover a lot of stuff, but I am also sure you have a short attention span!

Building the house #1

So, I will tittle these building the house and number them accordingly.  I am in the early stages of designing the house right now.   I was just sketching out the outside and the layout/blueprints of the house.  I am really trying to build more a modern house that is probably going to stick out a little bit in Louisiana, but then again I think I am going to stick out no matter where I am.  Here is a small sketch of the outside.  I will add in more details later.  It's a 2 story home with a pitch roof.   Remember this is early stages, so its very plain.  The front of the house has a small Koi pond that will go under the wood planked front porch.   There are two more parts to the house.  You can see some of it here in the reverse sketch.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Aug 16th

This is my first blog.   In the future you will see random thoughts coming from this.  Poetry, stories, philosophy and some plain old shit talk..  Get ready.. 

I just did a quick workout this morning.  It is so hot in Louisiana right now, by the way Michelle and I drove into Louisiana last minute on Tuesday Morning because I got a call Monday evening saying I was the only one called back for the lead in a film that shoots here in Louisiana.  I am not in the top 3 now,  go figure.
It is great being back in my home state.  Michelle and I, and of coarse Roxy(our Maltese) are planing on moving here permanently as soon as we can get all of our ducks in a row.  The film industry in Louisiana is growing so much!  It is really exciting to be able to do what I do and love, which is the entertainment industry, and be so close to my family again.
I missed a lot of things.  I will also miss some great friends and weather from California!