Saturday, March 13, 2010

Acting Compared

Acting compared. Representation acting, or majority of stage acting, or the basics of what people think acting is. Presentation acting which brings reality to a role. Representation is to represent a character or to show the world how wonderful you are at mimicking other people. Presentational acting is to present yourself. Present yourself in that role, that character. You must live in front of the camera like no one else is looking. We want to see your inner most thoughts and actions. We don't want to see you go up there and act like you are going through a traumatic experience, we want you to go through it. Reality shows are becoming so popular because you get to see real human emotion and problems. Actors must take that to work, they must release their real emotions out to the camera, to the audience. Do not try to entertain or show off. Be selfless and reel. Ego's can get in the way..