Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ANGER! Bad or good?

There is a misconception about Anger. Anger is not wrong it is an emotion, however it has to be used as release. Anger is better than depression. Most people don't understand that anger can be a stepping stone. Don't get more mad at yourself because you are angry about something else.. Dive into the anger allow it to relieve some stress then begin to change your perception. Look at the situation with different eyes and accept that what ever it is. It happened. Once you can accept where you are. Which is exactly where you have chosen to be, only then can we create a better situation. Your personal power is always in your hands. You deserve everything you want. Stop letting yourself believe anything else.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

State of Nation - State of mind.

Our nation in all honesty has been smoke and mirrors for so long
our reality is split, blurred, like the old lyrics to a song.
We don't see the truth or the awakening, all we see is the hurt and devastatin'ng.

Our fears come from fairy tales and the knowledge from which our government sells.
Listen to me, listen to you, We all KNOW things, but who knows the truth?
Sit back check yourself and see if you can start with the root.

We are human beings in a nation we built.
We make choices everyday from our food to our water bill.
The power is in you, I don't care what Satan or your pastor says.
This is a new time and a new place and hate should not excist.

Compassion and love for yourself and your relatives
Your friends your buddies and your enemies Love them for the hell of it

History only excists in a memory
You don't have to believe what they believe or agree as if its blasphemy.

Don't look outside yourself search from within.
Love, compassion, and appreciation is not a sin.
Become a vessel, become enlightened and stop the hate and fightin'

Sunday, July 1, 2012


In a world where fighting feeds more fights,
We are no longer fighting for our rights.

We blindly feed our need with food processed to cause pain.
To afford to live in America, the beautiful, we are forced to numb our brain.
We trust our representation and the lies they enhance.
Wars make more money, and the sick are used to finance.

Medications aren't designed for a cure, 
But to pay for this sickness we can't afford.
Truth is out there, if you look amongst the free.
War is great for business if there is no filter for what you see.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dream night.

As the night began the next days morning; I sat and thought what continuation of my life would exist. The reality of the world is that tomorrow is just the next phase we are scheduled to endure when in fact tomorrow is always a transition point for an altered state of what could be. So I lay my head down to produce in my minds eye what tomorrow holds and in that creation of exploration, life or death has an equal chance and right to produce. There is no negative or positive, only life. Forget the excistance of fear and doubt, and create the world that you wish to live in. That is your god given right.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Acting Compared

Acting compared. Representation acting, or majority of stage acting, or the basics of what people think acting is. Presentation acting which brings reality to a role. Representation is to represent a character or to show the world how wonderful you are at mimicking other people. Presentational acting is to present yourself. Present yourself in that role, that character. You must live in front of the camera like no one else is looking. We want to see your inner most thoughts and actions. We don't want to see you go up there and act like you are going through a traumatic experience, we want you to go through it. Reality shows are becoming so popular because you get to see real human emotion and problems. Actors must take that to work, they must release their real emotions out to the camera, to the audience. Do not try to entertain or show off. Be selfless and reel. Ego's can get in the way..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fighting for your dream

Struggles are gifts to show you how precious your life is. The sun shine is nothing without a rainy day. If you give up and don't fight forward then you have wasted your gift. The struggle or the fight is the wrapping paper. What you want and where you want to be better be worth fighting for, if it's not, then stop. Find another passion. Always chase after what is worth it to you in your heart. Something that you can't get by putting just a little bit of effort into. Your dream will never be easy to grasp but giving up on your dream will be the most simple step, ever. People will knock you down and drag you backwards if they can. You must rise above that and focus. Know that what matters is only up to you. To be judged is to be admired, and to be made fun of is jealousy or a boulder in your path. Stand on that rock so that you can see your next step. A path to greatness will and should never be easy. That's why everyone isn't great. Are you?