Sunday, July 1, 2012


In a world where fighting feeds more fights,
We are no longer fighting for our rights.

We blindly feed our need with food processed to cause pain.
To afford to live in America, the beautiful, we are forced to numb our brain.
We trust our representation and the lies they enhance.
Wars make more money, and the sick are used to finance.

Medications aren't designed for a cure, 
But to pay for this sickness we can't afford.
Truth is out there, if you look amongst the free.
War is great for business if there is no filter for what you see.


  1. Well written. War, conflict, corruption, oppression...these are all terribly profitable and as such, will always attract those with only their own benefit in mind. But as long as the numbers of those who recognize it as such continue to grow and continue to speak to the issues, the true and righteous battle to correct that which is wrong wages on, as it always has.
    Society evolves by the thoughts and words and writings of people who bother to think about things. And it is always evolving. We'll never have a utopia, however we are bound as those of thought and action to strive endlessly for it. Good on you Dean.

  2. So true Meds are not made for cure. Yes made for Self wealth. Drug companies tell Docs. "If you Prescribe so much of an amount my product I will send you on lavish trips, kick backs." Its ridiculous even I was put on Vyvance for ADHD, which I didnt think I had but trusted my doc. And Bought it anyways. ^months later im suicidal worst than I was before. With some research my Doc since I was a kid Was receiving money/trips for the prescribing of this med. Our drug companies are greedy, selfish, mess! Althought I will say My mother with Esophageal cancer has have great care and I'm thank full for that even if her cancer will eventually take her life