Saturday, November 24, 2012

State of Nation - State of mind.

Our nation in all honesty has been smoke and mirrors for so long
our reality is split, blurred, like the old lyrics to a song.
We don't see the truth or the awakening, all we see is the hurt and devastatin'ng.

Our fears come from fairy tales and the knowledge from which our government sells.
Listen to me, listen to you, We all KNOW things, but who knows the truth?
Sit back check yourself and see if you can start with the root.

We are human beings in a nation we built.
We make choices everyday from our food to our water bill.
The power is in you, I don't care what Satan or your pastor says.
This is a new time and a new place and hate should not excist.

Compassion and love for yourself and your relatives
Your friends your buddies and your enemies Love them for the hell of it

History only excists in a memory
You don't have to believe what they believe or agree as if its blasphemy.

Don't look outside yourself search from within.
Love, compassion, and appreciation is not a sin.
Become a vessel, become enlightened and stop the hate and fightin'