Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Acting from your want..

  We search, fight, and love our way through life to find something to answer our need.  We have a want in life to fulfill.   What this peace is, you never know until you find it.  Your life begins because, we have to get what we want.  Your acting should always be focused on what you want, and or what your going to do to get it. 
 Acting, should be real.  If you never learn to play or act then your a step a head of any Joeshmo actor.  My acting coach, Aaron Spieser, never taught me to act.  He taught me how to live while people are watching...  Acting is not the way you act, or re-act.  It isn't playing a character.  It is "Creating life, in an imaginary circumstance."  You have to live... Be, as if your life has never changed.  Do not create a reaction or emotion so that it looks like you are affected.  Create the life and the human being that has lived that life.   Only then will this no longer  be making an emotion, but feeling it.
 SEEING YOUR FUTURE, RUINS YOUR LIFE.....By example, never look at a scene and decide how it should go.  By doing so you are putting yourself in a directors mind and not an actors.  An actor should never try to picture how their scene will turn out.  An actor should be living in a scene no matter where it goes.  If you decide where your scene should go before you see where it takes you, then you have taken anything interesting  that could happen, and thrown it out the window.  LIVE!! Let all of the work you put into creating a human being see where life takes you.

Want- Want will always get you from place to place.  If you know what you want in a scene then want will get you from the beginning to the end.  Want, will never lead you astray..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Medi Vac Sunset

A requested painting.
Up for Sale..