Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fighting for your dream

Struggles are gifts to show you how precious your life is. The sun shine is nothing without a rainy day. If you give up and don't fight forward then you have wasted your gift. The struggle or the fight is the wrapping paper. What you want and where you want to be better be worth fighting for, if it's not, then stop. Find another passion. Always chase after what is worth it to you in your heart. Something that you can't get by putting just a little bit of effort into. Your dream will never be easy to grasp but giving up on your dream will be the most simple step, ever. People will knock you down and drag you backwards if they can. You must rise above that and focus. Know that what matters is only up to you. To be judged is to be admired, and to be made fun of is jealousy or a boulder in your path. Stand on that rock so that you can see your next step. A path to greatness will and should never be easy. That's why everyone isn't great. Are you?