Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fighting with MMA fighters...

So, today I got a last minute audition for a new film being shot in Louisiana called "Lockdown".  They wanted a fighters that could act.  Well, I am an actor who can fight.  I also haven't thrown a kick in almost 4 years after the 2 months in the hospital which was about 4 or more years ago.  I think 5.  Anyway, I have to say for being one of the smallest guys in the ring I rocked that motha..  Feeling kind of proud that I can still move like I use to.  Now I am off to take a really hot hot hot bath, drink a bottle of wine and then ice my ass!  I am so freaking sore!!! My hip flexers and my back and hands hate me!   
Also my two little girls leave me tomorrow.  Michelle and Roxy are gong to back to Cali while I stay here and feel out some more work in the Louisiana film Industry.  It's sad that they don't give local talent as much respect out here.  If
 I would send in an audition tape from Los Angeles they would be more willing to give me the time of day than if I walked in to the audition here even though I have been working as an actor in Los Angeles for so long..  Crazy..
I will miss my girls.. :(  

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