Monday, August 17, 2009

I have moved to LOUISIANA.. Let me explain....

I grew up in Louisiana and worked as an actor/model in Tx and Louisiana growing up.  I moved to Los Angeles very soon after Highschool to go further in my career.  I am still following that career just as much now as I was then.  
I have moved into writing and producing along with the acting now.  Just recently Louisiana became 3rd in the nation for film, just after New York.  After I looked into it and did my homework on Louisiana I was ready to move into the film market in my home state that was growing rapidly.  
I met Michelle almost 3 years ago in Los Angeles and she just happened to be from Louisiana also.  Then she became the love of my life.  She would stay with me where ever I go for my career and I love her for that.  I am really big on family and work.  When I realized I could do what my passion is and be near my family, I started to look into it.
 A few days ago I started putting auditions on tape for a film in Louisiana and then it went to call back, then I got the call that I was the only one they were calling back for the lead role.  Long story short, I packed up some clothes and Michelle and my little dog Roxy drove our asses to Louisiana.  We still have our apartment in Sherman Oaks, but if things go well we are planning on building a house here in Louisiana and moving so that this is our home.  I will be working more and be near my family!!

I hope that sheds a little light where we are, and where we're going!!


  1. OMG! Congratulations on the call back. After reading your post, you are (both) now forgiven for not seeing me one more time before y'all left... this, of course, is with the understanding that the two of you will be back so we can throw you both a proper going away party! :)

    Love and hugs to you both, and little Roxy, too! (I didn't even know you had a blog! lol)

    Nami xoxo

  2. Just started the blog. Figured it would be easy to keep people updated and stuff.. Yes! We will have a proper going away party when were back around town!!! Luv ya.

  3. Dean,- Im in kind of the same situation- Im living in LA and thinking about moving to Michigan which has a huge film initiative also!!! Do you know how I would find out about auditions or crew opportunities? My family also resides in Michigan!!

  4. Hey Al, I would look into any local crew websites and or craigslists postings.. Depending on your resume a lot of people that crew up will start their listings their or you can google for films crewing up. Sometimes they will have a local website for you to list with. Good luck, and any extra time with family is worth it! Good luck and best wishes.. 47% tax breaks in MIch.. Can't go too wrong.