Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As I sit and wait for the day to pass
I keep my head just above water so I do not drown.
On my face is a smile turned upside down.

I squeeze my eyes tight in hopes the day will leave
But to my surprise it lengthiness with ease.
It's pushed me further, so I fell to my knees.

My hopes, my dreams they are so far away
Star light star bright.
Where have you all gone this night?

Blackness touches my skin
It surrounds me with a deep embrace.
It holds me tight but does not catch the tear that falls from my face.

It's over now.
The black has turned to gray.
My eyes will soon open.  Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Is this how you feel today? Just know that the light of God is within you, you always have access to it. "He who has arrived from suchness, remains in suchness, and will return to suchness." The light within never abandoned us, it's just a matter of staying connected to it. I hope your dark day gets brighter :)

  2. I love your writing. Just keep falling to your knees...God will answer all your prayers, hopes and dreams as he is ready. Thanks for sharing all of this with us...I look forward to your next post :) Much love and God Bless you and Mich always!