Sunday, August 23, 2009

A fishing story.. I hooked a big one.

I just drove in from the Lake.  My Dad, my uncle and I went fishing.  It was just fantastic!  You never realize how many stars are in the sky until you get to see them on  a lake in the middle of the night away from all the hustle and bustle of city lights and annoying people.  It was jet black almost all around except for a few lights off in the distance scratching through the blackness.  Shooting stars were no longer a rare occurrence but as frequent as a horn honking on the 101 freeway, well...  Not that frequent, but you get the picture.  The lack of stress was so unknown to me.  I was almost completely lost.  I found myself however as I set the hook the hardest I have ever done before.   My adrenaline rushed and my pupils dilated..  The small tree I had burned seconds before around 4:20, had hit with a clear high.  I gave one more tug and then let off.  A few seconds later we had to pull the boat closer to where I set my hook.  That stump in the water never had a chance.  :)  

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