Sunday, August 16, 2009

If I were you... (relationships) with a twist of comedy.

First off lets think about a relationship like a sports team.  If someone isn't pulling their weight, or if someone isn't showing up to practice, or if someone isn't any good at the fucking game, kick them off the team!!!
Don't get into a relationship to change the other person.  People are who they are.  If it's a small thing, ok, it may change.  However, if he/she is a cheater he/she will probably always be a cheater. He or she hits you..  IT IS NOT BECAUSE HE/SHE LOVES YOU!   YOU F*&K^%G RETARD! Trust me, if a guy isn't ready for a relationship you are not going to change him, nor will you have a great relationship.  If he is mean or acting like he isn't that interested in you after a while it is because he probably wants out of the relationship but does not want to be the one to break it up.  He wants to give you reason to make it not work.

Never rush a relationship!  It's like trying to play for the Majors with a T-ball player.  He or she is still hitting off a T and your throwing balls at his or her face.  Trust me if you throw a ball at a chicks face and she catches it really quick "in her mouth"  keep her for  another week, then get rid of her.  I can go on for ever about relationships, so if you have any questions please ask. 

A great relationship starts with trust, honesty, and being well spoken.  No one is a mind reader, so if you have a problem don't be afraid to bring it up.  Your both in the relationship for the same reason.  To make it work.  If your not, don't get in the damn relationship.  If you think it's fun for a little while go ride a mechanical bull instead.  Or go to Les Deux(hollywood club) and find a mate for the night, but don't get into a serious relationship if you don't see a chance of you marrying the other person.  Just date, and keep it light.

Ok, thats it in a nuttshell for now.  I am sure I didn't cover a lot of stuff, but I am also sure you have a short attention span!

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