Sunday, August 16, 2009

Building the house #1

So, I will tittle these building the house and number them accordingly.  I am in the early stages of designing the house right now.   I was just sketching out the outside and the layout/blueprints of the house.  I am really trying to build more a modern house that is probably going to stick out a little bit in Louisiana, but then again I think I am going to stick out no matter where I am.  Here is a small sketch of the outside.  I will add in more details later.  It's a 2 story home with a pitch roof.   Remember this is early stages, so its very plain.  The front of the house has a small Koi pond that will go under the wood planked front porch.   There are two more parts to the house.  You can see some of it here in the reverse sketch.


  1. Gareth my boyfriend is almost done building our modern house so let me know if you need any tips! I have tons of pics scanned!

  2. That would be fantastic! Thank you very much. I figured I am going to stick out a bit in Louisiana anyway, so why not have the house do the same! :) Would love to see pics..