Monday, November 16, 2009

A hope, a dream, and a scream.

"A hope, a dream, and a scream." he said as he stepped into the room.
A bright light shines as a voice speaks.
"What's your name?"
But it doesn't matter what your name is.
Your only one of a hundred.
You feel a pit in your stomach, it turns.
Your heart falls to your turning stomach; and grabs a hold.
This is it. This is your time to outshine the light.
Can you do it?
You take a breath.  You remove your shell and bring out everything that is you, that is real, that is shameless.  The light does not even exist anymore.  Honest, raw, naturally human, but all You.  No one else.  
No one tells you who to be. You be.
No 1. in a Hundred.
It is only you.  Your faults, your imperfections.
Never act!  It screws up the scene.
Never re-act!  Just let it happen.
Don't ask what your character would do, show them what your doing. 
Within seconds you disappear.   When you return you see the light, and hear the voice.
"Thank you, that was great!"  You relieve yourself of stress of being all you.
"Thanks for coming in."
You step out of the room and your back to being an actor.
Until next time reality...  Until next time.

Sometimes the problem with acting is that your acting.

Don't be nervous, you have been you all day.  Don't change a thing.

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